Response to the Filming Without Permission


Response from Grenada – Forward Ever to the Filming of Selwyn Strachan Without Permission

The attached video is of a male walking unsteadily along a South London street before going into a takeaway food shop. The person taking the video describes the man as, “…that old criminal from the Revolution…”.

After following him into the shop he puts down the camera and greets the man in a friendly manner. It does not appear that the subject of the video has given permission to be filmed.

The facts are these. The person in the video is Selwyn Strachan, a founder member of the New Jewel Movement and subsequently a senior minister in the Peoples Revolutionary Government of Grenada.

Unlawfully seized by the US forces in October 1983, following their illegal invasion of the country, Strachan was charged with the murder of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. He was unlawfully imprisoned for more than 25 years, denied due process, being tortured, beaten and subjected to the death penalty during that time.

On release, he completed a law degree, relocated to the United Kingdom, sought admission to the Law Society of England and Wales and continued his fight to overturn the unlawful conviction handed down to him and 16 other leaders of the Revolution by a US installed court. Now in his 70s, he lives quietly in South London with the support of his family and friends.

The filming in this surreptitious manner was disappointing as well as being disgraceful. Selwyn Strachan responded: –

“I have known the brother for many years. I knew his family in Grenada. I am hurt by this breach of confidence and reach out to him to contact me to discuss his concerns. If he wants to find out my version of what happened in Grenada, leading to the collapse of the Revolution, he is absolutely free to meet me, with or without his colleagues. I have spoken on the tragedy of Grenada at many public events throughout the United Kingdom. These were widely publicised and free to attend.

Whilst I believe that his actions are unbecoming I bear no ill will but instead appeal to him to contact me to discuss this and other issues”.

Grenada – Forward Ever calls on all who have received the video to circulate the above commentary to others.

Jean Tate – Chair, Grenada – Forward Ever

Dennis Bartholomew – Secretary, Grenada – Forward Ever

Mobile  +44 (0)7401 625 276