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Engels bicentenary meeting – 28 November 6 pm

The Communist Party in Manchester is jointly hosting an Internationalist meeting to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Engels with the German Communist Party (DKP).

Speakers include:
Renate Koppe international secretary DKP (Germany), John Foster CP international secretary and Phil Collins who brought the Engels Statue back from Germany to Manchester. It will be jointly chaired by party chair Liz Payne and Manchester south branch secretary Allison Fewtrell.

The Communist Party will present a banner to the German communists to mark the occasion and there will be a musical rendition of the only song written and published by Engels, performed by comrade Bethany Elen.

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The Political Life and Times of Claudia Jones – Tuesday 1 December 7pm

This meeting has been organised to launch a new party publication charting the remarkable life and times of Claudia Jones. It is hosted by the CP Anti-Racist Anti-Fascist Commission.

Claudia Jones - Remarkable comrade and leader
Claudia Jones – Remarkable comrade and leader

Speakers include:
Author David Horsley Communist Party, Dr Claire Holder past director of the Notting Hill Carnival,  Jacqueline McKenzie Windrush barrister and Civil Rights activist and Angela Cobbinah freelance author and activist.

The meeting will be chaired by Luke Daniels president of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, with the participation of the Claudia Jones School for Political Education, Washington USA and a special message from veteran activist Winston Pinder.

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Yaws and Syphilis: Race, Sex, and Disease in the Early Caribbean

Dr Katherine Paugh, Associate Professor of History at the University of Oxford

Wednesday, 2 December 2020 – 17:30 – 19:00 GMT

Dr Paugh will discuss the story of syphilis in the early Caribbean, focusing on how Britons and West Africans who were caught up in the Atlantic slave trade and new world slavery understood syphilis.

This is on-line event, free but you must register in advanceregister here…

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Future of Work conference – Saturday 5 December 11.30am

What is the future for work and workers? You are invited to participate in this conference, hear leading activists and researchers, raise questions and find out how your activism can have an impact.

Speakers include:
Gail Cartmail President of TUC, Michael Roberts blogger and Marxist economist, Leonardo Impett assistant professor in Computer Science, Ursula Huws Hertford professor for Labour and Globalisation and author of Labour in Contemporary Capitalism: What Next?, Andrew Maybury chair Midlands District CP, Carolyn Jones director of Institute of Employment Rights, Roger McKenzie UNISON assistant general secretary, Unite the Union assistant general secretary Tony Burke, professor Keith Ewing Institute of Employment Rights, Andy Bain Communist Party trade union organiser and BFAWU (Bakers Union) general secretary Sarah Woolley (all except CP speakers in a personal capacity).

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How the Mangrove Nine Won

Available until 15 December 2020
How the Mangrove Nine Won is right on time as the Black Lives Matter movement reclaims the hidden history and victories of people of colour globally.

Following the BBC1 premiere of Steve McQueen’s ground-breaking Mangrove film, watch a compelling account of this historic trial by two of the protagonists: defendant Altheia Jones-LeCointe & defence barrister Ian Macdonald QC.

The defendants were inspired by studying The Black Jacobins, CLR James’s history of the revolution the slaves made to end slavery in Haiti in 1804. The showing of this film, like the original event, is a fundraiser for the continuing struggle of the Haitian movement to defend their Black republic. You can donate directly here: Haitian Emergency Relief Fund.

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Your confirmation email will contain the link to access the film whenever you are ready. It will be available to view until 10 December 2020. If you like the film and want to be in touch please Any problems viewing contact us


Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS) works to unite all those who support equality, democracy, justice and social progress in the Caribbean. They will support all who recognise that the struggle against racism, fascism, imperialism and neo-colonialism in the Caribbean requires the building of strong international links between the working people there and their sisters and brother globally. See the website

CLS holds open monthly meetings with presentations by invited speakers on urgent issues facing Caribbean labour. Everyone welcome to attend and participate. These meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm United Kingdom time. They are currently held via Zoom. For further details contact Caribbean Labour Solidarity at


October 25th 1983. The US invades Grenada and after several days of fierce fighting overwhelms the defenders, thus putting a final nail in the Grenada Revolution.

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