In Defence of Jeremy Corbyn


Many will know that Jeremy Corbyn has been a long-time fighter for racial equality in the United Kingdom and across the world. Many will also know the stalwart work he did in support of the Grenada Revolution.

Following its collapse in October 1983 he worked tirelessly to ensure that the remaining leaders of the Revolution were not executed on trumped up charges, brought by the invading US forces in a “kangaroo court”. Many will know how hard he worked to secure their release from their false imprisonment.

He was, and still remains, the President of the Committee For Human Rights In Grenada (UK), the organisation that led both campaigns, having been in this position since 1993.

Those who attended the Zoom launch of the Campaign to Recover the Remains, on Sunday the 25th October 2020, will have heard an impassioned call for the United States to return the bodies of the late Maurice Bishop PM, and others killed with him in October 1983.

So, it was with outrage that many heard the news on the 29th October that the Leadership of the Labour Party had suspended him for racism, anti-Semitism in particular.

Committee For Human Rights In Grenada (UK) and Grenada – Forward Ever have issue the statement below in defence of this fine man. We ask you to study and circulate it as widely as possible.


Jeremy Corbyn MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP, who spoke at the launch of the Campaign

The Committee For Human Rights In Grenada (UK) and Grenada – Forward Ever condemn the attack on and suspension of Jeremy Corbyn by the Labour Party Leadership. Ostensibly, this assault on Jeremy is stated to be because of his “anti-Semitism” and therefore his racism. Anyone who is aware of the work that he has done over several decades will know that he is an anti-Fascist, anti-racist, anti-colonialist and a supporter of the excluded.

Therefore, we perceive this as an attack on those who work to support the downtrodden and excluded. Were this suspension to be allowed to continue then the condition of all those on the edges of society will suffer even more. To think that it is the Labour Party leadership that is doing the work of the ruling class is very disappointing. This suspension and possible exclusion must be fought.

A few days ago Jeremy spoke at our joint Zoom meeting launching the campaign to recover the remains of the leaders of the Grenadian Revolution, Is this a person who is a racist?

Jeremy Corbyn is the President and a founding member of CHRG-UK. He has dedicated his life to campaigning against racism in all its forms and to the wider struggle for Socialism, anti-imperialism and international solidarity.

These media incited, whipped up accusations of anti-semitism are totally abhorrent and represent not just a personal attack on the man, but also on the progressive manifesto of the Labour Party and of all progressive movements around the world.

We totally reject these accusations of anti-semitism as a right-wing ploy and stand completely in solidarity with Jeremy and all those who are fighting beside him for a just and peaceful world.

Jean Tate – Chair CHRG/G-FE

Grenada – Forward Ever – Committee For Human Rights In Grenada (UK) –


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