Launch of “How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Sub-normal…”

Join us and attend the 50th-anniversary Internet launch of How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Sub-normal …, with Bernard Coard,  Jeremy Corbyn MP and other invited guests.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm BST.   Book a place below. 


Questionnaire from Launch of 50th Anniversary Edition of How The West Indian Child…

This questionnaire is to obtain your feedback from the launch.  Your help is requested to complete and return it. An anonymised summary of the returns will be published afterwards on this page,


We are aware that a huge number of persons would have wished to put questions the panel.  Because of the number of persons attending the launch we are unable to host a live Q&A session. However, you can put your questions to them on the questionnaire and these too will be responded afterwards with the anonymised answers also published on



Please note that the event will be recorded: If you wish to participate but do not wish to be recorded please switch off your video and change your on-screen name. The recording will be placed on this page, after the event.


Cover of How the West Indian Child...
The cover of the new How the West Indian Child…

How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Subnormal in the British School System: The Scandal of the Black Child in Schools in Britain is now available from: –

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