Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders


Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders

The remains of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others were seized by the US forces and have not been returned to their families

Timeline – briefing document published

On the 25th October 2020 the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada – UK (CHRG-UK), supported by Grenada – Forward Ever and Caribbean Labour Solidarity, launched a campaign to recover the remains of the slain leaders of the Grenada Revolution.  They were killed on Fort Rupert, St Georges, Grenada on the 19th of October 1983. Their bodies were recovered and retained by the US forces that invaded the country a few days later.  

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There is a Lot to Celebrate

As Grenadians celebrate the 50th anniversary of their hard-won independence there is a guest who is absent from the festivities but whose ghost is ever present.

That person is Maurice Bishop, former leader of the Peoples Revolutionary Government of Grenada and of the New Jewel Movement.

Along with Fitzroy Bain, Jacqueline Creft, Unison Whiteman, Vincent Noel, Keith Hayling, Norris Bain and Evelyn Bullen, Prime Minister Bishop was slain on Fort Rupert, St George’s on the 19th October 1983.  The Revolution collapsed shortly thereafter.  Six days later the US launched a ferocious attack on Grenada.… Read on ...


Call to Remove American Monument

In October 1983 the United States invaded Grenada. Following fierce resistance they prevail against its small army and militia. In the process they killed over 25 Cuban construction workers, who were building the International airport.  They also killed over 30 Grenadian military personnel and in excess of 40 civilians.  The majority of the latter died when US forces bombed a mental health facility in St George’s, the capital.

After subduing Grenadian resistance the Americans took effective control of the country.  During their period of occupation neither they, nor any subsequent government of Grenada, made any effort to determine the number of Grenadian dead, military or civilian.  … Read on ...

Crofton St. Louis (1940-2023)

Our friend and comrade, Crofton St Louis, Past President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, has passed away.

The late Comrade Crofton “Croffie” St. Louis, Grenadian Patriot, internationalist and spirited revolutionary died in his homeland Grenada, yesterday morning at age 83. He was a fierce supporter of the Cuban Revolution; a lifelong activist member of the UK-based Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS); a founding member of the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (CHRG- UK) founded in the wake of the US military invasion and occupation of Grenada in October 1983.

Croffie was also a founding member of the NJM UK branch together with the likes of Cde Kwabena Dennot Nyack, distinguished Windrush lawyer Jacqui Mc Kenzie; Cdes Alan and Noreen Scott, Cde Jean Tate and a friend of the British Trade Union Movement. 

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The GMB trade union supports the call for the Return of the Remains of Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others




On the 8th of June 2023 the GMB trade union, one of the largest in the United Kingdom with over 500,000 members, passed the following Motion at its annual Congress.

Grenada Return the Remains

This Congress must use all its political resources to engage with the UK and/or US governments to ensure that the remains of the Grenadian leaders slain in October 1983 and believed to be in the possession of the US Government are returned to their families.Read on ...

The call on President Biden to release the remains of Maurice Bishop

President Biden release the remains of Maurice Bishop 

Demands delivered to President Biden via the US Embassy, London on the 5th of June 2023

On the 25th of October 1983, the United States illegally invaded Grenada.  Shortly thereafter, they removed the remains of Maurice Bishop and other leaders of the Grenada Revolution, who were slain on the 19th of October following a deadly confrontation.

Despite numerous pleas from family, friends, the Grenadian populous, and many, many others from across the globe, the United States Government has steadfastly refused to release the remains.  They have also refused to acknowledge receipt of such pleas; custody of the remains or any explanation of their actions.… Read on ...

GRENADA: October 1983 What Really Happened


October 1983 – What Really Happened

Meeting held on Saturday 29th October 

Results from the Reconvened Zoom Meeting

Organised by Grenada Forward Ever, the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK) and GEMFM of Canada

A thank-you to all participants

Dear Attendee,

In my capacity as Secretary of Grenada – Forward Ever and on behalf of the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK) and GEMFM of Canada, who organised the two well attended Zoom meetings on the theme GRENADA: October 1983 – What Really Happened, I take this opportunity to thank you for participating in these events.

Whilst the first meeting faced a number of challenges, ranging from technical to organisational issues, these were overcome and made up for in the meeting on the 29th October, which was really informative.… Read on ...

The CIA tries to assassinate the Grenadian Revolution

The Queen’s Park Bombing – June 19th 1980

On Thursday 19 June 1980 in mid-afternoon a rally in Queen’s Park Stadium, north of St. George’s, marking Butler-Strachan Heroes Day a bomb was placed under the podium.  Seated on the raised platform were Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, Minister of Labour, Works and Communication Selwyn Strachan, Minister of Agriculture Unison Whiteman, Minister of Education George Louison, Minister of Health and Housing Norris Bain, Commander of the People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) Hudson Austin, Governor-General Sir Paul Scoon, the Cuban Ambassador Julián Rizo, and foreign guests.

Thousands of people attended the rally which was to pay tribute to Tubal Uriah Butler and Alister Strachan. … Read on ...

The Scandal of Citizenship by Investment


Life after “Citizenship by Investment”

What are we going to do with all the half-built hotels when the CBI money stops? And it’s stopping very soon.

CBI schemes offer purchasers a second nationality that gives them easy access to countries their native passports would not. Buy a passport from Grenada or one of the other four Eastern Caribbean states offering them and you will get visa-free access to 140-odd countries including the UK and the EU and you are eligible to apply for a visa to the US. The money you pay can finance the building of speculative hotels approved for this purpose and/or be paid into government funds.… Read on ...

Return the Remains of the Grenada’s Revolutionary Leaders

Maurice Bishop

Return the Remains

Press release from Committee
for Human Rights in Grenada (UK)

There is now conclusive documentary evidence that the remains of former Prime Minister of Grenada, Maurice Bishop were removed by the Unites States forces during their invasion in 1983 and that the Grenadian Government has been aware of this for some years.

As previously reported, in a document entitled Library of Congress (extracts of an interview with Charles Anthony Gillespie, who served as the interim Charge d’ Affaires and Chief of Mission during the United States invasion of Grenada in 1983), Mr Gillespie makes reference to a visit to Grenada by a Congressional delegation on 4th November 1983 –  ten days after the invasion on October 25th 1983.… Read on ...

GRENADA – 19 October 1983

Challenging the US Narrative About Grenada – October 19th 1983


Everyone thought that they knew the story. The facts have now been heard, following a series of interviews with former members of the Revolutionary armed forces of Grenada.

A recording of the event is available at


On Saturday 27th November 2021 a Zoom meeting took place, which may, in retrospect, come to be considered as historic. This meeting challenged the US narrative about the events in Grenada of October 19th 1983.  That was the day when Maurice Bishop, the much loved Prime Minister of Revolutionary Grenada was killed by members of the Peoples Revolutionary Army on Fort Rupert, St Georges, Grenada.… Read on ...