A world that works for everyone!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
This March 8th marks 110 years since the first celebration of  International Women’s Day, February 28 1909.
How many actions, how many sacrifices, have women of all ages, and skin colours, undertaken during these 110 years!
In Grenada, during our Revolution of 1979-1983, young women did not flee from the sexual abuse of employers. Instead the employers were made to stop! Women were proud to take up non-traditional jobs on buses, fishing boats and heavy construction equipment. So many women made so many sacrifices, not only for themselves but also to build our country! Let us salute them all on this day!
And despite the US  invasion of Grenada, many Grenadian women still  possess the skills, confidence and pride they acquired during the Revolution.
Today, we must maintain solidarity with women all over the world. In countries on every continent, we are aware of women of every colour, caste,  class  and religion who suffer daily, simply because they are women.
So it’s up to women – and conscious men – to assist both our sisters and our brothers, to make a world that works for everyone!

Phyllis Coard.
1 March. 2019.