Who’s Who on G-FE’s Executive Committee

Editorial Board of Grenada – Forward Ever

The Editorial Board of Grenada – Forward Ever’s website comprises: –

Chris Searle – Editor Emeritus

Chris is an internationally renowned author, publisher, educator and academic.  He volunteered to work for the Grenada Revolution, where he was appointed by Minister of Education, Jacqueline Creft, as a senior advisor.  He worked jointly with Paulo Freire, http://bit.ly/2EupBw4, the renowned Brazilian educator and philosopher, to successfully overhaul Grenada’s colonial educational curriculum and management.

Chris has agreed to take up the role of Editor Emeritus of the Editorial Board of Grenada – Forward Ever’s website.  Watch this space.

Dr Steve Cushion – Technical Editor

A leading academic of Caribbean history, Steve is co-author of By Our Own Hands – A People’s History of the Grenadian Revolution, http://bit.ly/2WmHdEs, Up Down Turn Around – The Political Economy of Slavery and the Socialist Case for Reparations, http://bit.ly/2M5Ktjn, and many other publications.  He is a member of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, the Socialist History Society and numerous other bodies.

He is instrumental in ensuring that the history, and more importantly the future direction of Grenada, is accurately recorded through the annals of this website.

Noreen Scott – Editorial Board Member

Noreen is a member of the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada, UK (CHRG, UK).  The Committee forced the United Kingdom government to act to prevent the execution of the surviving leaders of the Grenada Revolution by the US occupiers.  CHRG was successful in securing the release from incarceration of these leaders after their unlawful imprisonment by the US controlled regime in Grenada.

Jean Tate – Editorial Board Member

An educator and human rights campaigner Jean was instrumental in preventing the execution by the United States of the leaders of the Grenada Revolution following their invasion of this sovereign country in 1983.  She continues to support progressive forces in Grenada and the Caribbean and will continue this work as a member of the Editorial Board of the website.

David Horsley – Editorial Board Member

Amongst the many attribute of David was his recent work on the Jamaican Communist, war hero and lawyer Billy Strachan …  ABOVE ALL CARIBBEAN MAN, http://bit.ly/2K9sczn.  As well as teaching working class student in a number of inner London schools David spent considerable time as an educator in rural Jamaica, where he worked to develop a curriculum suitable for the needs of his students.

As a member of the Editorial Board David will focus on education in Grenada and the developing world.

Dennis Bartholomew – Editorial Board Member

Personally appointed as Trade Officer by Maurice Bishop, PM of the Peoples Revolutionary Government of Grenada, Dennis has worked assiduously to thwart the plans of the United States to “forget” the gains of the Revolution.

C’mon, Join Our Team

The Editorial Board of Grenada – Forward Ever welcomes anyone who wishes to support our work.  Contact us by email at info@grenada-forwardever.net, by mobile, +44 (0) 7544  026 122 or through the Contact Us page of the website  http://bit.ly/2K0MV8a.

NO!!! You don’t have to be Grenadian or Caribbean but it would be useful if you are interested in having fun and wanting to change things.