The call on President Biden to release the remains of Maurice Bishop

President Biden release the remains of Maurice Bishop 

Demands delivered to President Biden via the US Embassy, London on the 5th of June 2023

On the 25th of October 1983, the United States illegally invaded Grenada.  Shortly thereafter, they removed the remains of Maurice Bishop and other leaders of the Grenada Revolution, who were slain on the 19th of October following a deadly confrontation.

Despite numerous pleas from family, friends, the Grenadian populous, and many, many others from across the globe, the United States Government has steadfastly refused to release the remains.  They have also refused to acknowledge receipt of such pleas; custody of the remains or any explanation of their actions.

For many years, such appeals for humanity on the part of the US government have gone unanswered. On the 25th October 2020 the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada – UK (CHRG-UK), supported by Grenada – Forward Ever and Caribbean Labour Solidarity, launched a campaign to recover the remains of these slain leaders of the Grenada Revolution,

See also the detailed press release from CHRG-UK of 19 June 2022 clearly spelling out that the US have admitted possessing the body of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.  2022 06 19 – CHRG Press Release – Maurice Bishop’s Remains.

Presentation of the Letter

On the 5th of June, prominent educational justice campaigner Maisie Barrett and human rights lawyer Frances Swaine presented a letter, addressed to President Biden, to the US embassy in London.

Hopeful that the US Embassy would accept the appeal for them to release the remains, Maisie stands ready to meet with Embassy staff

The letter calls on the President to release the remains of the popular Grenada Revolutionary leader and others that America holds.  These were seized by the US forces shortly after they illegally invaded Grenada on the 25th of October 1983, almost 40 years ago.

The letter pointed out that the families of these leaders have never been provided with an explanation by the US government of the whereabouts of their kin, nor been able to grieve their loss or give them a proper and decent funeral.  See Maisie’s letter here, 2023 06 05 – RtR letter to US President Redac 05 June 23

As stated above, despite the years of pleading from their families and the wider Grenadian population, Caribbean and concerned people worldwide, the US government, which still continues to seek to recover their fallen from the Korean, Vietnam, 1st  & 2nd European wars and even their Civil War and other wars, has steadfastly refused to acknowledge such entreaties.

Maisie and Frances represented Grenada – Forward Ever,, which works to “…advance the material, economic, social and general well-being of the people of Grenada…”

The US refused to accept the letter

Maisie’s attempt to post the letter is refused

The US Embassy refused to accept the letter nor allowed it to be posted through their letter box.  They did not have the courtesy to meet with Maisie or Frances or allow them to enter the building but spoke to them through the letter box.

We refuse to accept this rebuff and will deliver this letter by other means.




Call for Action

We call upon all right-thinking persons to help the campaign and will shortly post suggestions of what can be done.

Grenada – Forward Ever