Crofton St. Louis (1940-2023)

Our friend and comrade, Crofton St Louis, Past President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, has passed away.

The late Comrade Crofton “Croffie” St. Louis, Grenadian Patriot, internationalist and spirited revolutionary died in his homeland Grenada, yesterday morning at age 83. He was a fierce supporter of the Cuban Revolution; a lifelong activist member of the UK-based Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS); a founding member of the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (CHRG- UK) founded in the wake of the US military invasion and occupation of Grenada in October 1983.

Croffie was also a founding member of the NJM UK branch together with the likes of Cde Kwabena Dennot Nyack, distinguished Windrush lawyer Jacqui Mc Kenzie; Cdes Alan and Noreen Scott, Cde Jean Tate and a friend of the British Trade Union Movement.  Cde. Croffie lived between his homes in SE London and Grenada.


Tribute to our Esteemed Comrade and Mighty Grenadian, Crofton St Louis

The many members and supporters of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK) and Grenada-Forward Ever were deeply saddened to hear of the passing in Grenada of Crofton (Croffie) StLouis and we are honoured to produce this tribute, in which we hope to reflect his many great qualities.

It is rare to encounter a person such as Croffie and we feel privileged to have worked alongside him in the United Kingdom over a great many years.  We found him to be a great Grenadian patriot and a resolute, faithful and conscious friend and comrade to all. He was determined to cast off the chains of centuries of exploitation that held the people of Grenada down and was committed to the anti-imperialist struggle everywhere.

He told us that his first strike for Grenada’s freedom was when, as a Grenadian pupil-teacher, he supported the anti-colonial campaigns of Eric Gairy designed to kick out British rule and seek independence for the country.

Having been forced overseas in search of work and betterment by the effect of the economic policies of the Empire on the people of Grenada, Croffie, like tens of thousands of Grenadians, came to Britain.  Here he found employment as a Civil Servant, married his beloved Yvonne and raised daughter Jean and sons Geoffrey & Jaden. However, he did not turn his back on Grenada but became deeply involved in numerous UK-based Grenadian charities and schemes that provided direct support to many initiatives across Grenada.

So, it came as no surprise that when the 1979 Grenada Revolution occurred, Croffie came forward to support this historical event.  It is impossible to even outline all the activities undertaken by Croffie during this period.  However, it is to be noted that despite working full time and prioritising his family he achieved the following:  He was a founder member of NJM(UK); he travelled across the UK to get support for the Revo’ from Grenadian and other communities; was a founder member of the Grenada Festival, an annual gala of arts, crafts and produce; and ensured the success of the import and sale of a huge quantity of non-traditional products from Grenada.

As a result, the Revo’ was held in high regard amongst UK-based Grenadians and the wider population.

The maelstrom of October 1983 saw Croffie, in tandem with the then Grenada High Commissioner to the UK, Fennis Augustine, and others in NJM (UK) attempting to intercede with the leadership of the NJM and the Peoples Revolutionary Government, with the objective of saving the Revo’.  As we all know, such efforts were tragically unsuccessful.

Following the US invasion of Grenada on October 25th, 1983 and their seizure of the surviving leaders of the Revo’, Croffie exercised his determination and set about supporting the establishment of a body to combat the lies used by the invaders to justify the judicial killing of the remaining 17 Revolutionaries, Grenada 17.

Croffie was a founder member of The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK) and was one of many who led the work in Caribbean Labour Solidarity to prevent the conviction and execution of the imprisoned leaders, dubbed the Grenada 17.  Speaking on behalf of the G17 at events across Britain; rushing from studio to studio to patiently explain the multiple advances made by the Revo’ and the criminal activities of the US; participating in the making of a documentary on the numerous irregularities of the US-controlled trial, we saw a comrade who was strengthened by the adversity the people of Grenada and supporters of the Revo’ faced.

We were inspired by his stoicism, which eventually led to the enormous pressure that caused the then Grenada government to defy their US patrons and commute the death sentences meted out to the G17 to life imprisonment.

A great victory for Croffie.

Even in retirement, he did not slow down, engaging in a range of social and political activities beneficial to the people of Grenada.  Whilst spending more of his time in Grenada, Croffie engaged us, via Caribbean Labour Solidarity, The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada-(UK), Grenada-Forward Ever and other organisations, in seeking to overturn the verdicts against the G17 and as importantly, correcting the false history of the Revo’ laid out by the US forces and their successors.

We pass on our condolences to children Jean, Geoffrey and Jaden; grandchildren Jermai St Louis, and Emmanuel (Manny) St Louis; great-grandchildren Mila St Louis & Kacey St Louis; the wider family and the many, many friends of Croffie.  Knowing his modesty, it may come as a surprise to them that he achieved so much for the people of Grenada and elsewhere.

His quiet and consistent comradeship leaves a lasting legacy and inspiring example to all of us who continue the struggle for truth and justice. He is sorely missed.


Luke Daniels Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Noreen Scott The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada(UK)

Alan Scott The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK)

Jean Tate Grenada-Forward Ever

Kwabena Dennot Nyack Grenada-Forward Ever