Comrade Ed Spring – A Tribute

It is with great sorrow that we have to inform followers of Grenada – Forward Ever of the recent passing of Ed Spring. He was an exceptional fighter in the cause of liberation for all people and one of the many dear friends of Grenada and its Revolution. It is with much sadness that we pay this tribute to such an outstanding figure.

“Comrade” Ed, as he was known to many, was a community organiser, a campaigner for social justice, an artist and a communist. Like many close friends we could not remember when we met Ed. Some had know him from his time in the Communist Party of Great Britain and others from his time as a leader of the Tottenham Community Project (TCP), located on the High Road, a short distance from the football club.

TCP was a vital hub in the community of the area. All sorts of bodies from local restaurants to anti racist and political organisations to union branches and right up to national level used the facilities. You could go in and do the artwork for your pamphlet, flyer or poster with support from the workers there and then get it printed. Ed educated and trained many young people in the area in many skills and much political understanding. The basement held a massive press over which Ed presided. He was a qualified printer and signwriter. Numerous left wing, and other organisations, including Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS), proudly bear banners made by Ed. In a very quiet and humble way he supported and encouraged dozens of individuals and community groups in Tottenham.

Many organisations used the building for meetings, education and organising. For example, Buzz Johnson, the outstanding publisher of Caribbean literature, was given the space to establish Karia Press, which in turn produced over 50 titles on Caribbean, African, and developing nations issues. Ed was instrumental in the success achieved by Buzz.

Ed Spring
Ed Spring

He was a leader of a group from Tottenham to Grenada during the Revolution and was a member of a volunteer work group in Cuba in the 80s. In 1983 the US invaded Grenada and captured the remaining leadership of the Revolution. Ed worked tirelessly with comrades from Grenada and across the world to thwart the US’s plans to execute them and later on to secure their freedom. Many nights were spent at TCP with Ed giving of his publishing skills without a thought for himself. Noreen and Alan from the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK) said that he was of great help to the organisation and delivered what he promised and on time. This help was instrumental in preventing the executions and eventually securing their release.

Luke Daniels, President pf Caribbean Labour Solidarity remarked that Ed held the organisation together when membership and attendance was low, allowing it to remain in existence. “Without Ed CLS would have folded. Because of him we are now celebrating 42 years of existence” he said.

Ed’s interest and skills extended beyond pure politics to others areas. For example as an amateur photographer he volunteered to make the copies of photos of Bruce Castle, a Tottenham landmark, to contribute to the local history of the area. In August 2011 Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old local man, was shot dead by police in Tottenham. There followed uprisings across the country resulting in considerable damage. The Home Secretary asked for an independent review into the Riot (Damages) Act 1886 and Ed, on behalf of the Tottenham Trading Partnership, contributed to this.

Grenada – Forward Ever held a minutes silence during its meeting 27th May meeting along with a drum commendation given by Brother Omowale.

Comrade Ed, we are sorry at your passing and miss your presence. Your memory remain in our hearts.

The Executive Committee
Grenada – Forward Ever