Call to Remove American Monument

In October 1983 the United States invaded Grenada. Following fierce resistance they prevail against its small army and militia. In the process they killed over 25 Cuban construction workers, who were building the International airport.  They also killed over 30 Grenadian military personnel and in excess of 40 civilians.  The majority of the latter died when US forces bombed a mental health facility in St George’s, the capital.

After subduing Grenadian resistance the Americans took effective control of the country.  During their period of occupation neither they, nor any subsequent government of Grenada, made any effort to determine the number of Grenadian dead, military or civilian.  In some cases the families of those who died during the defence of the country were not provided with the remains of their loved ones.

No account has been undertaken by the Americans or any Grenadian government prior to the Dickon Mitchell administration of the many injured and/or disabled defending Grenada or from the effects of US weaponry.  This situation should be rectified as a matter of urgency.

It should also be noted that during their period of rule, the US government removed the remains of Grenada’s Revolutionary Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, and those of his close comrades to unknown locations.

In February 1986 the US President, Ronald Reagan, visited Grenada and unveiled a Memorial to the Fallen in Grenada.  Commissioned by him, this memorial expresses the supposed gratitude of the Grenadian people, it is claimed, to the forces from the United States and the Caribbean, especially those who sacrificed their lives in “…liberating Grenada…”.  A variety of websites detail the names of US dead and military units to which they belonged.

Since its inception, successive Grenadian governments have maintained this monument, which lies at the eastern end of the Maurice Bishop International Airport, named after the late Prime Minister.  It cannot be missed by anyone entering or leaving Grenada by air, as there is only one road to and from the airport.

This monstrosity is swept, painted and repaired using Grenadian taxpayers’ dollars.  So, even today, Grenadians are contributing to the cost of their country’s invasion.

Nowhere in Grenada, Carriacou or Petit Martinique is to be found any public memorial to the Grenadians killed by American bombs and bullets, especially those members of the Army or Militia who perished valiantly defending their country.  No plaques, archway, flame from an everlasting torch or even a roadway is named in honour of their sacrifice.  There is instead an “omerta” among members of former governments and those of importance in the society, regarding the duty performed by these valiant comrades.

American installed monument to their dead

Sadly it appears that Grenada’s old colonial masters, who historically held us in cruel bondage are now joined by their successor, the United States, in relentlessly continuing to justify their unlawful actions.  They do so by creating and using, amongst other things, relentless psychological tricks, and biased & revisionist historical narratives in ongoing attempts to deliberately confuse and distort facts to mama-guy Grenadians.

Can anyone name any country that honours their invaders and denies recognition to their defenders?  This psychological millstone hanging around the spirit of the Grenadian people needs to be urgently pulled down.

Sounding taken by Grenada – Forward Ever of people’s attitude towards this monstrosity has revealed, unsurprisingly, that a significant number want it to be removed and returned to where it belongs, the USA.  We support this growing call but are not holding our breath for it to be complied with.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell we call on you to remove this monstrosity now.

KDN – Secretary, Grenada-Forward Ever