An Appeal from the Grenada High Commissioner

Following the COVID-19 lockdown of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique the Executive Committee of Grenada – Forward Ever contacted the Grenada High Commission to see in what was our organisation could help the people of the tri-state. Some of use are in a position to help those needing help and we encourage this.

Although we have not received a direct response from the GHC we have been supplied with the following message from Her Excellency Kisha A. Grant, High Commissioner of Grenada.

“Dear Nationals,

I bring you greetings from the High Commission of Grenada here in London. I trust that you are all doing well, and staying safe.

Our ongoing sympathies to those who have lost loved ones during this crisis. You are in our prayers and thoughts.

The High Commission continues to provide relevant updates on Grenada’s response to COVID-19 and any other information deemed pertinent during this period. We continue to be here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Please follow our page on Facebook, as well, for daily updates and messages (Grenada High Commission in London).

Many nationals have asked how they can contribute to Grenada at this time, through food hampers or aiding with the purchase of medical supplies for health workers.

The High Commission met…with the executive members of the Grenada Associations here in London, and we decided to activate the Disaster account here, through which we can all channel donations over the next few weeks, with a goal of analysing where we are at by the end of May and making a contribution as a London group to Grenada. That way, we present a united front and we can all decide in what areas we will like to see the money spent.

I thank the Associations for their co-operation in this regard, and I look forward to us making a difference in the lives of many of our citizens, through our donations.

Please spread the message far and wide, and let us all lend a hand to homeland…whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. Together with the Associations, the High Commission will be fully accountable to you, our nationals, in this venture.

Thanks in advance, for your kindness, generosity and patriotism.

Be well and continue to stay safe…

Kisha A. Grant

Government of Grenada”

Please contact the High Commission via the following to obtain further details on how you can help.

Grenada High Commission
Archel Road
West Kensington
London W14 9QH,
Phone: 020 7385 4415